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Getting Ready For The Winter: Bexley Motorcar's 10 Tips To Keep Your Car On The Road This Winter.
With winter coming to the Columbus area it is time to think about getting your vehicle ready. Winter in the midwest can get cold and everything can be covered in snow over night. Speaking from experience you never want to have car trouble on a cold winter night. Let Bexley Motorcar Company, the best used car dealership in Columbus, keep you on the road this winter with the best winter tips.

1. Time To Change The Oil.

This is a great time to change your oil, but you need to use the right oil for the area. With everything getting colder your oil will get thicker and lower your engines performance. Also if you get your oil changed at some places they will do an inspection of your car for you and tell you about any problems that might happen in the future. You need to change your oil often so it would not be a bad idea to do it even in the middle of winter as well. Keeping you engine in top shape is always a good idea.

2. Check All Of Your Fluids.

Coolant, transmission, and break fluids all need to be checked year round. But They need to be checked in the winter more so. Your vehicle will be working harder in the winter. That means using more fluids. So it is either a weekly task, or when you are stopping to put gas in the car, that you need to check all of the levels. If you don't know where all of them are located ask a service adviser to point them out to you. They can also show you how to check them. In addition, it is a good idea to keep track of the amount you have to put in. It might tell you if there is a leak going on.

3. Check Your Battery.

The cold Ohio winters mean your engine needs more current to start. So making sure that your battery is fully charged and working properly is a major step in getting your vehicle ready. It is also important to make sure that your batteries post and connections are clean and free of corrosion. You can look online for a way to do this. It doesn't take long and anyone can do it. It is also a great idea to check the cables that connect everything. Don't pull on them but look for cracks and ware on them . If it looks bad ask your service adviser.

4. Keep Your Windshield Clean.

I don't know how many times that I have strained my eyes looking out my windshield in the rain or snow because I have broken wipers or I am out of windshield fluid. Your windshield wipers are good for about a year. It is a good idea to change them around the fall time. Also use a good washer fluid. Water will not work this time of year because it will freeze and could crack the tank.

5. Check Your Defroster And Heater.

I think we can all agree being able to see in the winter is an important thing. Your defroster is a big part of that. This can be a costly thing to fix but it is important. Before you go changing it a good thing to do is look for leaks around doors and windows. This can make it look like your defrost is failing. Also staying warm is important. So make sure you have your heater checked as well. All you have to do is turn it on.

6. Check Your Tires

Buying snow tires is a good option. But that can be expensive. If that isn't an option have a good look at all of your tires. That includes your spare. Make sure you can get to it and that it is full of air. Make sure you have a good amount of tread left for the winter and that you have the right amount of air in your tires. Also check the tools for changing a flat. Make sure that they work and you know how to use them.

7. Keep Gas In Your Tank

We all know that it doesn't get cold enough for gas to freeze in Columbus, but it gets cold enough to freeze water. And if there is to much space in your tank water can get in. Then that will get in your fuel lines and freeze them up. So by keeping 1/2 a tank or more in your tank you can avoid this problem all together.

8. Have Your Car Detailed.

This step is not a completely necessary step. It doesn't keep your car running in the winter. But what it does do is keep your car protected for the damage that snow and salt cause, and in the winter in Ohio there are plenty of both.

9. Keep Some Kind Of De-icer On You.

If you are like me you don't like being cold, and standing in the cold is the worst. Last winter it took me half an hour to get into my car. A simple de-icer would have saved me a lot of time. It is a good thing to have on hand. Just don't leave it in your car. I have done that too.

Tip 10. Its Time to Beef Up Your Emergency Kit.

Bandages, Advil, sunglasses, sunscreen, and road maps are a few thing you can find in most cars. But in the winter you have to be ready to sit in a broken down car till help comes. Blankets, hats, water, and food are some of the things that are a good idea to keep in your car. Me personally, I keep all of that plus a few things. I like to have a box of kitty litter and a tow strap to aid me in getting unstuck. Also, I keep some way to signal for help. Road flares and flashlights work great. Everyone is different in this area so pack what you need or might need.

The Columbus area has some extreme weather. And being ready for it is necessary to keep you on the road. If you have any questions talk to someone and get your answers. Be ready for the winter this year and stop by Bexley Motorcars to get a used SUV or a used truck to help you get around this winter.
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