Used Nissan Murano For Sale in Columbus, Ohio Area

Nissan Murano For Sale


Bexley motorcar company is the place to be for used cars in Columbus Ohio, offering some of the widest inventory selections and price rang in all of Columbus Ohio. Bexelys used car inventory will blow you away as you step onto their lot. Not only that though but with friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you have, Bexleys will keep you coming back for used cars in Columbus Ohio for years. Bexleys offers used cars for every driver of every age. Offering high and low end used cars from Columbus Ohio Bexleys is thee place to come when shopping for your next used car. One of our great used cars we have on the lot is a 2010 Nissan Murano. This high end used car will have you smiling the moment you step foot in it. The Nissan Murrano is the perfect combination of professional and playful. This Nissan Murano's grey exterior gives off the appearance cool and confident. This Nissan Murano also has great interior features as well, comfortable cloth seating and a leather wrapped steering wheel makes the Murano one the most comfortable used car in Columbus Ohio. Not only is the Nissan Murano a sleek and professional looking car, it also gets great gas mileage reaching 18 miles to the gallon in city and an extraordinary 23 miles to the gallon high way, making it not only nice to look at but also puts money back into your pockets making you smile even more. Not only does the Nissan Murano get great gas mileage it also comes many great features like a sun roof and keyless start, it also has outstanding safety features such as 4 wheel anti lock breaks and side air bags giving you peace of mind every time you drive. Bexely Motorcar Company is the place to be when it comes to shopping for used cars in Columbus Ohio. Come check out our great Nissan Murano or many of our other used cars we have for sale.

Bexleys Motorcar company is located at 2253 E. Livingston Ave in, Columbus OH, 43209

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