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Looking for a used car can be stressful with so many option out there and not only that but with so many used car dealers in Columbus Ohio it can be even more difficult to figure what dealer to go to. That is why you need Bexley Motorcar Company your go to used car Dealership in Columbus Ohio. When it comes to used cars in Columbus Ohio we have every make and model you can think of of cars to trucks all the way to great toys like a Honda Goldwing. Here at Bexleys we make sure that there is also a large inventory to choose from and not only that but and even larger price range for every car, because we want you to drive away happy and worry free. You will not find better used cars in Columbus Ohio than you will at Bexleys that is because we make sure that each and every car that is brought onto our lot is safe and reliable and ready for you to drive home the day you walk onto our sale lot. When it comes to used cars in Columbus Ohio we have just what you are looking for. Including a great used Toyota. We have a 2013 used Toyota Prius that is just waiting for you to come test drive it. This used Toyota is still one of the most fuel efficient cars to date with an outstanding 51 miles to the gallon in city and an impressive 48 miles to the gallon highway this used Toyota will keep your money in your pocket and not in the gas tank. Not only is this used Toyota fuel efficient it also has great accommodating features such as a built in navigation system, keyless start, and a back-up camera makes this little Prius a great car. Come to Bexley Motorcar Company for your next used car you won't regret it.

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